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Human Capital Consulting

Human capital consultants specialise in human resources planning, professional growth, and improving how well employees work. We assist clients and employers in enhancing employee productivity. By using analysis tools, they evaluate what a client needs and create a profile of employee skills and qualifications. Human capital consulting plays a multidimensional function, including strategic planning, talent management, performance improvement, change management, and other areas to optimise an organisation's human resources for long-term success.

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Talent Management

We can work with you to define the maturity of your talent management processes and prioritise where and what you want to develop. We can assist you create a competitive talent strategy and provide high quality assessment to inform selection and development. We can work with you to develop individual development plans for your high potentials. Are you actively managing your employer value proposition (EVP)? Is your talent pool a quiet secret list? Would you like it to be a centre of testing action learning that provides a sustainable pipeline of capability for your critical roles? Let’s talk.


Organisational Design

When your plans develop or shift, you sometimes need to change the shape and design of your work.We will collaborate with key decision makers within your organisation to collect data, analyse your plans and organisational design requirements to align capability (skills) with capacity (Full-time equivalent numbers – FTE). If you are ready to collaborate and define designs that will enable your success, then let’s talk.

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