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Unlock Your Potential: The Power of Reliable Assessments in Coaching

Would it be helpful to have valid and reliable insight on your core strengths?
Would knowing more about these strengths and how you can get more from them be useful?
What could happen if you could make yourself more of who you already are?
Likewise, would it be good to have a clear understanding of the risks or blind spots that may be holding you back?

Valid and reliable assessment … I’ll come back to that word… offers clients (and coaches) insight on their personal style, their strengths, and gaps. This along with feedback are the two core foundations of self-awareness and developing self-awareness is of paramount value to leaders looking to develop their capabilities. The information can help you set goals that apply and grow those strengths to enable growth and find ways to work with the risks either to mitigate them with others’ strengths and develop sufficient confidence and skill to negate the more unhelpful elements of that risk.

Assessments ask leaders about their typical operating style and then drawing on data science, norms and rigorous background analytics to builds a statistically valid and reliable profile of the leader’s strengths and risks. The word assessment is not helpful. People do not like being tested and pigeonholed and there can be an assumption of right and wrong. The instrument I use, Deeper Signals - Core Drivers, is time efficient, and by giving you immediate feedback, it democratizes gaining insight and provides a foundation of self-understanding that with coaching can support you become the best version of yourself. Deeper Signals 1 have set out some useful criteria for 21 st century assessment tools:

  • User experience that is truly engaging and frictionless.
  • Transparent and participatory process.
  • Provides meaningful feedback and insights to users.
  • Promotes equity and inclusivity by scaling across the entire business.
  • Relatable and readily understood feedback.

For more information or to identify your strengths and gaps, request an assessment, get in touch and I will be glad to help you.