I help engineering and technology professionals to confidently lead, influence and build effective teams. We work within the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Framework. Coaching is designed to access the inner resources of the client and to create a compelling future by helping them to realise their potential.

Talent is a success multiplier. Your sourcing strategy. selection and development practices shape your employer value proposition and brand. Your talent mobility, retention and succession enable you to manage business continuity risks. We can work with you to optimise your talent strategy and execution.

Form follows function. Are you going through change? We can work with you to assess and develop your accountability framework, spans of control and assist you design an optimal structure for your organisation with business processes that support the culture you want to become.

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Crispin Garden-Webster
Coaching and Consulting

Trusted Coaching & Consulting Partner

"I coach managers to develop and strengthen their leadership confidence and influence. Effective leaders, through Leadership Coaching, build effective teams; they have influence, impact, and create value. ICF research shows that when people work with a coach, they have up to a 40% increase in their self-esteem and confidence. I have been a leader in a range of diverse organisations across different cultures. I know the impact leaders can have in an organisation. I’m an organisational psychologist and have extensive experience in selecting and developing leaders. I love helping leaders grow and seeing them deepen their influence."

What could happen if you had more influence in your work?

How would your growth as a leader change your team?

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At GardenWebster Consulting, we offer human capital development solutions that build and enshrine good practice. We can support your people and capability value stream from your organisational design through your employment value proposition and talent strategy. We can provide quality assessment for staff selection. For your existing teams we can support your line managers with development planning, coaching and talent development and retention.

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Coaching & Consulting

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Crispin Garden-Webster

I coach leaders and people who aspire to lead.

I consult for organisations large and small on people and culture initiatives.

I mentor early and mid career HR Professionals.

I am a Fellow of the New Zealand Psychological Society and a Distinguished Fellow of the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand.

I have worked with senior leaders, assisting them build their leadership teams and also large scale delivery of staffing and talent solutions associated with change and integration.

My own leadership path evolved out of service in the New Zealand Army, leading a professional Psychologist team in the field and as a Staff Officer. Leading an innovative capability team at Telecom New Zealand and more recently as a Managing Consultant with human capital expertise, serving multiple sectors in Energy, Manufacturing, Aviation, Social Housing and Utilities.


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